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Electric Bike iFreeGo ES18 Review - Powerful and Portable

 iFreeGo ES18 Electric Bike Review

Last weekend I got the chance to drive an iFreeGo ES18 to and from work for a couple of days. Let me tell you, I've never ridden a bike quite so small before, so naturally I was worried about whether this bike is up for the task. Weighing only 13.5kg and measuring 78cm front to back while unfolded, it's definitely not going to be able to navigate any particularly heavy terrain. But is it comfortable? Does it get the job done? Read on to see what I found out.

iFreeGo ES18 Electric Bike
iFreego ES18 - only 13.5kg and 78cm long

Ultra Portable

Let's get a couple things out in the open right away. This is not a bike for long commutes, but it is a bike you can pick up with one hand and carry on the train like a briefcase. That gives it a very specific purpose: get from the train station - or your car - to the office and back without breaking a sweat. Perfect for me, since this is exactly what I use it for.

The bike can be stowed in only two steps - first lower the seat, then flip the switch and pick it up. The chassis will fold together and now you have something that feels about like wheeled luggage to haul behind you.


The seat on this bike is very small, designed this way way presumably in the style of the rest of the bike. It can be stowed by lifting slightly and allowing the spring to come out of it's locked position. Speaking of the spring - it's a good thing they thought of this. There's practically no give at all in the tires so this is your only source of cushion while perched on the slightly-too-small seat. But keep in mind you didn't buy this bike for long rides or serious comfort.

iFreeGo ES18 Spring Suspension
iFreeGo ES18 Spring Suspension

 Video Review

Features of the iFreeGo ES18

The dashboard of the ES18 is very basic, featuring only a key slot for turning it on and a display that shows current voltage and speed. The top speed of the iFreeGo is about 22km/h (around 18 mph). The system runs at 36 volts. There is only a single rear brake, meaning that you need to be careful on any downhill slope to not get moving too quickly.

Operating the iFreeGo ES18 is simple and intuitive. Get on the seat, turn the key, and twist the throttle. As you come up speed, you'll rest your front feet on two foot-holds located on either side of the main drive wheel.

No Frills Dashboard on the iFreeGo ES18

Overall Perception 

This is a bike that you'd buy with a specific purpose in mind. It makes a lot of sense for anyone who's commute is deep in the city-scape, over smooth concrete surfaces and amidst crowded train platforms or for getting on and off buses. It's fast enough for the size. My only complaint is that it's not a bit lighter - after carrying it up one flight of stairs at my office I was regretting not having used the elevator.

Where to Buy

Surprisingly, this bike is a bit difficult to find; I was unable to locate it on Amazon or Gearbest, but I managed to find it on for only $479.

If this bike fits your use case, the build quality, weight and overall performance are great. It will get you where you want to go.

Monday, January 13, 2020

DYU E-Bike Review

Economical electric bike that fills the gap

Spring and Summer gives us the bright colors of flowers and an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. What better opportunity to stay outside and enjoy the most beautiful things the world has to offer, and if we do this with an electric motor like the DYU D1 Electric Bike?

ElectricBikeReviews present our personal review of the DYU D1 F-Wheel, environmentally friendly vehicles which is available at Zendrian E-Bikes and is unbeatable in terms of price and product variation.


In the video unpacking shot some time back I demonstrated to you the details about our DYU-D1 vehicle, giving you confirmation of the fact that it is so easy to ride. The box inludes everything you need to get going:

  • D1 electric bicycle, 
  • back bumper that will be mounted through the provided Allen wrench, 
  • battery charger with European outlet and yield of 42 V – 1.5 A,
  • little LED on the front that is hued light red when we are stacking our item and green light when the charge is finished. 
  • We additionally locate a user guide in English that runs down a few highlights of the bike and guidance on right us
  • A negative note that I need to do anyway is identified with the nonattendance of correspondence about the Bluetooth secret key to obstruct the electric bicycle. Regardless, the standard DYU E-bike Bluetooth password is 123456 which will be utilized to set the connection up and/or continue and change the password. 

Our DYU D1 electric bicycle has a great appearance, because of the utilization of aluminum composite that makes up the whole skeleton of our vehicle. The main preferred position is given by the exceptionally strong components of 1020 x 940 x 505 mm (1020 x 720 x 200 mm when the bicycle is collapsed on itself) and a load of just 12 kg that permit outrageous compactness, raise the bicycle easily for instance in the event that we need to make a few stairs or to stack it in our vehicle with no issue because of the enormous bow-formed handle extremely ergonomic for a firm and agreeable grasp with one hand.

It is conceivable to consistently convey the DYU D1 with you and keep it in the boot of your vehicle prepared for use, as our keen bicycle can be collapsed on itself essentially by following up on the switch that is on the neck of the front cylinder that permits one fast and safe arrival of the entire handlebar which will be collapsed to occupy less room. The discharge switch is made of plastic however I have not seen any shortcomings in light of the fact that the material utilized is of acceptable workmanship, quality and consistency regardless of whether a spot of consideration doesn't hurt. Staying on the undercarriage another element that makes gain focuses to our DYU D1 is the nearness of the IP54 affirmation along these lines permitting the utilization of the electric bicycle even in the downpour without being worried about the possibility that that the motor and the electrical parts are influenced.

Our eco-accommodating vehicle is outfitted with two 12-inch wheels that adjust to different sorts of territory, for example, sandstone, slopes, knocks, unpleasant landscape, cobblestones, and so on. On first utilize the wheels will be expanded regardless of whether there is no reasonable sign of compel right to apply yet then which bicycle gives you this information? Albeit evidently the wheels are little they can bolster a load of up to 120 kg with no specific issues even on not especially straight landscapes and regardless of whether no suspension is available, the DYU D1 doesn't restore any negative criticism during the race, thanks maybe even the huge seat, somewhat padded and very much cushioned, on which resting one's rear is truly unwinding.

On the left back wheel pin is likewise tied down the little trestle secured with a semi-unbending plastic sheath, which enables you to leave and settle your vehicle without it falling. Be cautious, nonetheless, to remind you to expel it from the beginning as the exceptionally little components of the tripod just as the shading that is covered with the whole structure could lead you to overlook it. Both on the front haggle the back one there is a curved guard which should shield from potential sprinkles getting from intersection puddles or little stones out and about.

The DYU D1 electric bicycle is accessible in two hues, white and dark, the last in our test which, as I would see it, gives an energetic character to our vehicle consummately coordinating the complexities in red shading put on the haggles motor compartment that it likewise houses white lettering on the sides.

Frontally we discover a LED light that can be worked physically through the application or you can set it consequently with the goal that the main murkiness turns on without anyone else. The shaft is well uniform and the parabola doesn't upset any onlookers or drivers who cross our way. Likewise behind there is a red LED tail light to show the STOP when you brake or the position when the front lamp is actuated.

On the front wheel you don't have to cause exceptional contemplations while the back one to can be said to be enhanced by a plate brake that ensures that the braking is actuated by the main switch on the left half of the handlebar. The response time of the brake is very quick and safe and I didn't need to make any alterations at all, yet this activity is conceivable by following up on the terminal over the metal circle. Be that as it may, for more noteworthy wellbeing there is likewise an upgraded model with twofold circle brake and curiously large battery.

The handlebar can be balanced somewhat as a point and houses the on/off catch and a little signal by the left handle, which reminds the old Piaggio Hi or Si engines. On the correct we discover the throttle hold and a little presentation LED blue shading that shows us the condition of charge of our bicycle. Underneath the showcase we locate a further little green catch utilized for the Cruise Control work, which permits once initiated to continue at a steady speed without following up on the quickening agent. For deactivation, you can push it again or just work the brake switch.

The solid plate gives us the brushless engine with intensity of 250W 36V ready to confront inclines up to 15 degrees, however most importantly to push our DYU D1 up to 30 Km/h. On this point we need to make two explanations: the first is identified with the way that the speed of 30 km/h can be enacted by application simply subsequent to voyaging 10 km on the grounds that the underlying greatest speed preset is 20 km/h. The subsequent explanation is that obviously the speed is adapted by a few elements, among which the principle ones are the heaviness of the individual driving the vehicle and the kind of territory in which we get ourselves. Truth be told, the organization pronounces that these qualities can be acquired with a most extreme load of 60 kg and on lopsided ground and awkward nature as little harm on the black-top, in short we are in Italy thus it is very nearly a supernatural occurrence to discover a street or bicycle way with these attributes. Truly I figured out how to get this speed just downhill considering my weight "shape" of around 250lbs.

Normally the weight, the cruising speed and the ground conditions will likewise impact the battery life which as per the producer in run of the mill conditions ensures a variable term from 15 to 21 Km.

A battery that feeds the whole circuit and which has a limit from 4400 mAh, which is revived in a little more than 2 hours (to be careful 2 hours and 18 minutes).

In my trial of utilization with my weight of around 100 kg with normal travel speed of around 15 km/h ashore not appropriately smooth, with the nearness of tiled and with inclinations I figured out how to get a limit of 10 km. The circumstance changes drastically on the off chance that you attempt to utilize it for instance is my multi year old little girl with a load of in any event 2/3 lower than mine, which figured out how to bring the DYU D1 bicycle to most extreme execution. To revive, essentially embed the fitting of the force link into the passageway gap situated in the lower some portion of the body and secured by a twofold silicone top.

The battery life would not be a major issue on the off chance that you don't need to give exceptional consideration to the compelling self-sufficiency that you will get from DYU D1 on the grounds that once completed lamentably you will have no real option except to push the vehicle by hand. Better believe it, my companions, this is the irritated purpose of this item that transgressions in the absence of pedals and riggings, (PS: This torment point is settled by DYU D2) supplanted by two in number stools made of glossy dark metal with aluminum embeds in silver shading.
This involves the further issue connected to the vague and befuddling enactment in power in our nation, which adequately makes this electric vehicle "illicit" in street use, cycle ways and so on .. A genuine disgrace since this perspective restricts a great deal the fun that DYU D1 can give us, yet luckily the organization has likewise thought of a variation characterized as DYU D2 that coordinates pedals, chain and other to line up with our enactment. Discover the connection in our offer boxes that you find when perusing the article or clicking here.

The DYU has a waterpoof rating of IP54, which implies it is alright to take it out in the downpour. Be cautious in the event that you do, in any case, as the 12in tires can turn into somewhat slippy when wet, despite the fact that by and large they can deal with most territories.

At long last we have to dissect the brilliant part of our e-bicycle, which interfaces with the DYU application accessible for the two iOS and Android frameworks, with the distinction that Apple clients can download it legitimately from the store while Android clients should download it from the website organization official. The application for DYU D1 is fundamental, maybe a lot in certain regards, yet it is in English and consequently reasonable by anybody and offers every one of the highlights that we could expect on such an item. I express that the organization still needs to improve its application, in truth I frequently found unexpected crashes because of some kind of contention with Bluetooth. Indeed in the event that you attempt to begin the application having just actuated the Bluetooth of your cell phone more likely than not you will meet the obstructing of the application, so you need to ensure before associating with turn off the Bluetooth on your cell phone and initiate it on application demand.

Once began you will discover a screen with a blue foundation with a kind of catch to plug on to start the quest for your electric bicycle. When recognized, you will have data on the degree of lingering charge and temperature, which on a basic level should never get red, on the off chance that it does it implies that we ought to incidentally stop to stay away from harm because of unreasonable overheating of the phones.

Over the catch we have a kind of bolt and tapping on it we will get to data about the present separation voyaged, the complete kilometers of every one of our movements and the hour of action of the bicycle alluded to the action in progress. Both from this screen and from the primary screen on the off chance that we are running we will have the speed with which we are continuing. By clicking rather on the image of the lock we could bolt our bicycle: the lock will follow up on the motor and in this way the DYU D1 can not be placed into movement until we enter the secret key.

The F-wheel DYU Electric Bike is a great deal of amusing to utilize, and all the more so once you become OK with its modest structure.

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From the primary screen at the base there are two fastens: the principal rigging will enable us to get to the settings of DYU D1 through which we could set the greatest speed (least 5 Km/h max 30 Km/h), conclude whether to begin the basically by turning the throttle grasp or by a little push, rename the Bluetooth, change the Bluetooth secret word, decide to actuate or deactivate the Cruise Control, conclude whether to work the headlamp enlightenment consequently or physically.

The voice identified with the Power Assisted Gears on the model D1 doesn't function as demonstrated by the application itself, however proceeding with we have the fundamental data of the bicycle as the ID lastly a kind of self-determination called Self Checking can decide any glitches about brake, battery and so forth .. The other symbol on the principle screen, as a compass will enable us to record our stumble on the guide and afterward be counseled with the pertinent information provided.

We'd want to have the option to perceive how quick we're abandoning turning to the versatile application, and to have the option to alter the seat's stature, yet it's hard to locate any significant flaw with the DYU given its generally low cost.

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Can I use an Electric Bike for my Commute?

Glad you've found us! I've heard it said that the smartest people tend to be the laziest. They are the people who'll figure out how to simplify a task so they never need to do it again, and thus, can work less. Naturally, my commute is no exception.

You see, I live in San Fransisco where the transportation options aren't that great. Actually, they suck. Sure,

  • I can drive my car to work, but parking costs are insane in this city and I would rarely, if ever, make it to work on time if I even managed to find a spot. 
  • I could take a taxi, but $30 each way, 20 days a month... well, you get it. 
  • Finally, I can walk. It's only about 5 miles and god knows I need the exercise! But...

You get the Idea

So, how can I honor my life long tradition of finding the shortcut, and perhaps have a bit of fun as well?

Using an Electric Bike to Get to Work

If you've never heard of an e-bike, you're in for a treat. Imagine a bicycle with... a motor, and a battery. It's a little bit like a motorcycle, but you don't need to stay where the motorcycles need to stay. You don't need a license. You don't need any gasoline.

Quite simply, an electric bike is a bicycle that does the work for you. These come in many different sizes, from full size 21-speed mountain bike replacements down to "toy" bikes that, while designed to fit adults, can also fit right in the trunk of your car. Which leads me to the best detail of all. You can take one of these bikes right in the elevator, right down the hall, and park it in your office or workspace.

No need to arrange or pay for parking. No need to worry about theft or security. And when it's time to go home (or out to lunch) hope on and go!

This all seems pretty cool, so far.

What are the upsides of using an electric bike to get to work?

  • Quiet
  • Small
  • No gasoline or engine maintenance
  • Probably eco-friendly
  • No sweat before or after work
  • Move quickly wherever small bikes can go, many go 18-20 mph!
  • No need to wait for a train, taxi, or bus
  • Many toy size e-bikes can go ON the train, taxi, or bus
  • They are downright FUN to ride

Downsides of using an electric bike to get to work

  • If you run out of power, you need to park and charge. Or maybe get a taxi home.
  • The coolness factor is still up for debate. Will your friends ridicule you or bow down to your genius?
  • Can be heavy, about 25-35 lbs for toy models, much higher for big ones
  • Initial expense, many cost between $500 and $1500 dollars

In my experience,  the pros outweigh the cons with electric bikes, and personally I found my investment to be well worth it in countless ways. I actually look forward to the fresh air on my daily ride and feel like I've found a cheat code while I whiz by all stopped cars in traffic, waiting at a signal, and especially the ones looking for a place to park!


 As more and more people are moving into cities, ditching cars, and living closer to where they work, we need a more effective, more robust last-mile solution. We're calling this movement "micro-mobility", which perhaps occupies the space between walking and a motorcycle.

What do you think? Would you ride an electric bike to work, would you trade in  your daily train ride or drive if you could?