Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Electric Bike iFreeGo ES18 Review - Powerful and Portable

 iFreeGo ES18 Electric Bike Review

Last weekend I got the chance to drive an iFreeGo ES18 to and from work for a couple of days. Let me tell you, I've never ridden a bike quite so small before, so naturally I was worried about whether this bike is up for the task. Weighing only 13.5kg and measuring 78cm front to back while unfolded, it's definitely not going to be able to navigate any particularly heavy terrain. But is it comfortable? Does it get the job done? Read on to see what I found out.

iFreeGo ES18 Electric Bike
iFreego ES18 - only 13.5kg and 78cm long

Ultra Portable

Let's get a couple things out in the open right away. This is not a bike for long commutes, but it is a bike you can pick up with one hand and carry on the train like a briefcase. That gives it a very specific purpose: get from the train station - or your car - to the office and back without breaking a sweat. Perfect for me, since this is exactly what I use it for.

The bike can be stowed in only two steps - first lower the seat, then flip the switch and pick it up. The chassis will fold together and now you have something that feels about like wheeled luggage to haul behind you.


The seat on this bike is very small, designed this way way presumably in the style of the rest of the bike. It can be stowed by lifting slightly and allowing the spring to come out of it's locked position. Speaking of the spring - it's a good thing they thought of this. There's practically no give at all in the tires so this is your only source of cushion while perched on the slightly-too-small seat. But keep in mind you didn't buy this bike for long rides or serious comfort.

iFreeGo ES18 Spring Suspension
iFreeGo ES18 Spring Suspension

 Video Review

Features of the iFreeGo ES18

The dashboard of the ES18 is very basic, featuring only a key slot for turning it on and a display that shows current voltage and speed. The top speed of the iFreeGo is about 22km/h (around 18 mph). The system runs at 36 volts. There is only a single rear brake, meaning that you need to be careful on any downhill slope to not get moving too quickly.

Operating the iFreeGo ES18 is simple and intuitive. Get on the seat, turn the key, and twist the throttle. As you come up speed, you'll rest your front feet on two foot-holds located on either side of the main drive wheel.

No Frills Dashboard on the iFreeGo ES18

Overall Perception 

This is a bike that you'd buy with a specific purpose in mind. It makes a lot of sense for anyone who's commute is deep in the city-scape, over smooth concrete surfaces and amidst crowded train platforms or for getting on and off buses. It's fast enough for the size. My only complaint is that it's not a bit lighter - after carrying it up one flight of stairs at my office I was regretting not having used the elevator.

Where to Buy

Surprisingly, this bike is a bit difficult to find; I was unable to locate it on Amazon or Gearbest, but I managed to find it on for only $479.

If this bike fits your use case, the build quality, weight and overall performance are great. It will get you where you want to go.

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