Friday, June 12, 2020

Is Buying an Electric Scooter Worth It In 2021?


Originally Published June 2020, Updated September 2021


Electric scooters have generated a lot of buzz in the transportation industry. They have redefined personal transportation and taken it to a whole new level. The increasing demand has resulted in several companies entering the market with many practical adult-sized scooters for the masses.


 While we can all agree that quality electric scooters do not come cheap, the good news is that there are some excellent budget-friendly options available in the market too.


If you are on the fence and still wondering if buying an electric scooter is worth it, keep reading!


Benefits of owning an electric scooter


There are many logical reasons for investing in an electric scooter. Below is a list of 7 benefits you can get from this fantastic means of transportation.


1. Saves you precious time


Do you dread commuting to work and back home? The time spent stuck on the road due to slow-moving traffic can seem endless and frustrating.


Don't you wish for an easier and faster alternative? Well, if you have answered in the affirmative, an electric scooter is just for you!


These scooters are not only compact but are easy to operate too. You can effortlessly navigate your way through traffic at any time of the day. Unlike the 4-wheel vehicles, you will face no trouble while taking a shortcut through a park, subway, or even a shopping mall.


You can also say goodbye to gas stations and the wait for public transportation to travel short distances. As you can decipher, the time savings is enormous!


2. Helps you save money


As these vehicles run on electricity, they have a substantial economic advantage over other forms of transport.  


On average, electric scooters require 2-5 hours to recharge and consume approximately 280W/ hour fully. This comes to 1.4 kW of electricity. The average price people pay for electricity in the United States is 13. 08 Cents per Kilowatt-hour. 


Thus for driving 30-45 km, you end up spending only 18.31 cents! Considering the rising price of fuel, the amount you need to spend on covering the same distance will be much higher for non-electric vehicles. 


Apart from saving money on fuel, you can also incur savings on the cost of accessories and maintenance.


3. It is easy to use


Learning to drive a car or ride a bike requires days or even months of practice sessions. However, learning to master an electric scooter has a shorter learning curve, regardless of your skill and technical expertise. 


Moreover, it does not require any specialized training to get it right. It is also much safer compared to the faster vehicles zooming around on the road. 


These electric scooters take your safety seriously and are thus equipped with several features such as automatic power shutdown, manual acceleration control, rear safety lights, and a rear disk braking mechanism. 


To allow its riders to feel more confident on the road, these scooters also have a feature to limit its maximum speed.


4. It is portable


Unlike bicycles or motorcycles, electric vehicles are highly portable. As they are lightweight and compact, they can be easily transported. You can take it along to your office or store it conveniently in your car's trunk or even carry it while on public transportation.


You can either fold it or roll it away once you are done. Another huge positive of an electric scooter is that you do not have to buy/rent a garage to park it. 


They can easily fit in compact spaces, thus relieving you from any parking woes.


Additionally, if a problem arises with the chain, tire, or motor, they can be conveniently carried to the nearest workshop.


5. It is environment-friendly


One cannot write about the benefits of electric scooters and not mention the environment. Climate change is no longer something we just read about in books, and it is genuine! Therefore if you care for the environment, then buying an electric scooter is a no brainer.  


As they are electric, it does not emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. It is thereby improving the air quality in our cities.


Apart from this, it also helps to cut noise pollution. Unlike the cars, buses, or motorbikes that produce jarring sounds, electric vehicles operate on whisper-quiet mode. They help you reach your destination in the quietest way possible.


6. Helps you stay fit


Do you want to shed a few pounds? If yes, look no further! Hopping on an e-scooter is convenient and loads of fun, but it is also a great way to squeeze additional time into your daily exercise routine. 


As the muscles of the back, abdomen, lower and upper limbs are involved while riding the scooter, it improves and strengthens them.


If you wish to burn more calories, use your push-off leg instead of riding the electric vehicle in normal mode. Apart from helping you achieve your fitness goals, it will also help you improve your body balance and coordination.


7. Lets you have fun on the go


The last, and probably the best reason to own an electric scooter is just that they are super fun. 

After all, who would not want to feel like a kid all over again, right? 


Buying an electric scooter will let you relive the good old days when you rode your bike in the sun, with the cool wind blowing in your hair.


There is a wide range of models available, which means that you can choose one that meets your requirements. If you wish for more power and speed, go for a model that has higher specs.


As these come in different styles, shapes, and a whole range of accessories, you can customize it to make it truly your own.


Are electric scooters worth it in 2020?


                                                                 We say a thumping, yes! 


There is no denying that electric scooters have captured the imagination of people all over the world. Apart from being a new personal vehicle, it is an eco-friendly way to get around. 


Also, when walking is not an option and getting into public transport is difficult, the convenience of an electric scooter is undeniable.




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